What’s “ADS.TXT”? How To Add Ads.txt To Blogger/Website In 2 Minute

What is ads.txt ads.txt how to add to Blogger 

Hello Friends, Today we talk   about the latest  Google AdSense update, which was launched in October, due to which many adsense publishers are facing an error on google adsense account today. Error This Is The Adsktxt   Has Been Written By  Earnings Are At risk – Your AdSense Publisher ID does not include one or more of your ads.txt files Fix it now  . Because I have done my adsense account in Hindi, it is in Hindi  If your adesence account is in English then error will be something like this  – One or more of your ads.txt files contains your AdSense publisher ID “warning?          

Today, due to this error, the earning stop of google adsense has gone up In such a way, the  adsense publisher will be worried if you are a blogger too, and if you use google adsense, you may also have encountered such error. So friends, today we are talking about ads.txt that Ads.txt is not it?     
Ads.txt is going to add Blogger to my blog?  Today Friends We Will Give Full Information About  Adsktkrsht K 

What is Ads.txt? How ads.txt works?  How to Fix Ads.txt 

Simply put, “ads.txt” is a code of the adsense account authorized by the website owner, with the help of which any advertisements will be displayed on their website.  ads.txt helps falsify ad placement   security   and   earn money from your ads  

Is What Adsktxt  On Blogger Internet Since  Google Adsens  E Has  Updated? How do ads.txt work?  How to fix Ads.txt error?  Internet Purses Search. But there are very few posts on the internet, which is why the new blogger is facing problems today. To avoid these types of problems, you can get ads.txt on your site. Need to setup 

Why is ads.txt error coming in google adsense?
The ads.txt error adsense policy in google adsense is coming due to updating the policy, which states that if you  do not use  your current  publisher id  in your ads file, the ads  will be turned on your site, due to which your earnings will stop

How do you know about your website / Blogger publisher id?
For this, your site link should be google typed in this way rojgarcareer.info/ads.txt.  Then you will have press enter or search Now you will see a page in google which will be something like this.
What's "ADS.TXT"? How To Add Ads.txt To Blogger/Website In 2 Minute 2

You can see your current time  is not match the publisher id shown on  google adsense  . If not, you will have to connect your current time publisher id to your blog / website.

How to fix / fix Ads.txt error in Google adsense 

I want to clear The error is appearing on your adsense account. But this error has to be corrected on your website as the adsense ads of your adsense are located on your website.
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  • This type of error on  Google adsense  is appearing in your ads because of the lack of current publisher id

    So let us know   how to fix / fix an error in Adsense.txt in Google Adsense /Ads.txt Ko Blogger Me Kaise Add Krte?

    How to fix ads.txt error in Google adsense account?

    Step 1  First you  log in to your adsense account  , then go to your  dashboard  ,  click on the box action / action that appears in the last error that you see in the error .   
    Now you will reach the second page, which will be like this. Here you will see that the website you see in the link will be a link to all those websites. (See screenshots below)
    What's "ADS.TXT"? How To Add Ads.txt To Blogger/Website In 2 Minute 3

    You have to copy the given code on it.

     Step 2   then you own a new tab Blogger   dashboard   go Again settings  go on, then there on the search preferences and click on Now you face  Monetisation beneath ads.txt Custom  front of edit is to click on edit After clicking on to paste the code copied into the empty box, then after selecting yes , save changes is done.               
    What's "ADS.TXT"? How To Add Ads.txt To Blogger/Website In 2 Minute 4

    The current publisher id has just been added to your website / Blogger. Now ads will appear in your site within 24 hours as adsense takes 24 hours to implement this update.     
    After 24 hours you can see the ad on your site.
    Friends, this was  Ads.txt Kya Hai, Ads.txt Ko Blogger Me Kaise Add Krte Hai  . In this post, I have tried to give all information. If you have any questions about this post in your mind then Comment in the comment box and ask. Friends, if you enjoyed this post a little bit then thank you not to share it with your friends.
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